In our impression, the rose gold born with warm, luxury replica watches style, after polished polished after it is so, exudes a more delicate, soft luster, so that all the viewers are not in love with this romantic material. Rose gold to create the watch, tells the quality of their own time. In 2017 Geneva watch salon, the Swiss senior watch brand Audemars Piguet replica with the ultimate craft, affectionate, launched the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series rose cream watch, with unique “hammer gold” craft to create it not only combines the material itself Of the characteristics, but also added a “frost gold” with a new visual beauty, highlight the eye-catching wrist time. (Watch model: 15454OR.GG.1259OR.01)

Audemars Piguet oak series “frost gold” watch

Have to admit, whether it is rose gold or platinum, in the ancient “hammer gold” process (also known as the Florence process) so that the material itself glow new style. Using the top with a diamond tool to hit the gold surface, giving the watch surface like a diamond-like bright visual effects, compared to the original smooth material, after this crafted craftsmanship to create a complex process, watch Its unique texture, so that the watch surface in the light even more bright. Octagonal bezel, and the outer side of the strap to wire and polishing process, making the luxury replica watches at the same time with a fine gold and “rough” dual beauty, and retain the soft and flexible, so that the whole style of a unique watch If the United States if jewelry.

High-definition watch design
Whether from the octagonal case, or a special cheap replica watches chain design, are contained in Audemars Piguet’s unique tabulation gene, to show the brand exclusive beauty. To the ancient hammer gold craft to create it, although not inlaid with a diamond, but the bright posture is no less.

Bezel side of the polished polished, the side of the case for the drawing polished

Three different technology display
37 mm rose cream gold case, after the “hammer gold”, polished polished, drawing after grinding showing three different viewing experience, in different ways to show the beauty of rose gold face. And to the meticulous process to its three in one, to show the overall watch watch, such as the diamond version sparkling, very beautiful.

Crown display
Octagonal crown engraved with brand LOGO “AP” words, and round concave design of the top of the crown against each other, showing a full and intuitive Audemars Piguet “style”.

Charming silver dial
In the rose cream octagonal case against the background, the central silver dial more attractive. To “Grande Tapisserie” large grid decoration, coupled with a unique Audemars Piguet replica watches gold standard design, making the dial more three-dimensional. Date display window is located in the watch 3 when the standard position, and the central, minutes, second hand together constitute the watch display.

Caliber 3120 self-winding self-produced movement
Through the transparent blue crystal glass back cover, movement of the operation at a glance. Equipped with Caliber 3120 self-winding self-produced movement, power reserve for 60 hours.

More bright is the rose cream gold strap
18K rose gold watch through the “frost” treatment, showing a unique sense of elegance. Watch to connect with a “AP” words folding clasp, in the beautiful and generous colleagues to protect the watch in the wrist between the security, very reliable.

Audemars Piguet oak series rose cream gold watch
Summary: without any tablecloth against the background, shining and luxury Audemars Piguet replica Royal Oak Series Rose Cream watch alone to the table on a pendulum presents elegant, noble unique charm. Watch once launched by the watch enthusiasts a high degree of evaluation, which shows the charm of this watch and influence.