Although this year we all agree that the Basel watch show is not so prosperous in previous years, but since as the watch industry’s annual feast, there are always some “feast” to enjoy. Originally just want to introduce some of this year’s new technology, but these new technologies are without exception, are used in the complex models inside, and may have a table of different technologies, then simply according to the table for the better, in fact, A lot of the table before we have seen, and the price is generally higher, to pick some important to say it.

Patek Philippe replica 5650G


This table has been basically reported before, so here no longer say, alone to pick inside the newly added technology that. Spiromax® gossamer at the inner edge of the gossamer is the technology that Patek Philippe has added to this cheap replica watches this year, and before that, the Patek Philippe patent gossamer uses only the outer flange. We all know that the hair has the inner and outer ends, in most cases, we all emphasize the outside, we must have heard what Breguet end of the hairspring, double gossamer, Philip curve end of the hairspring, the end of the curve around the gossamer And so on, these are referring to the end of the hair to do the curve processing, in order to improve the isochronous. Gossamer oscillation, the circle has to do a regular centripetal and centrifugal movement, the middle of the circle can be done very regular, equidistant, but the end because it should be fixed to the swimmer pile, and will not move, so the outer end of the hairspring oscillation Will contain the gossamer’s concentricity, so the general will do the end of the curve of Rao, in order to minimize the end of the gossamer concentric movement of the impact. In addition to the end of the tour will affect the end, the same end also need to be fixed, there will be impact, but many tables are not done.

Patek Philippe was originally filled with triangular piles of Spiromax®

But the senior watch, no exception will be done inside the handle, and some are triangular flange, some ring flange, the purpose is to make the inner end as much as possible to achieve concentric circles, thereby further improving the isochronous. For ordinary watches, this is not cost-effective, but for senior watches, this is very necessary, because it can be completely separated from the vast majority of the table, with high precision, or even close to Ideal level. Patek Philippe 5650 watch, you can reach -1 / +2 seconds a day, is currently publicly announced all the highest precision watches in the brand (only the traditional structure of mechanical watches). This is a bizarre precision, because the watch error to a large extent also by the wear habits and external interference, we do not doubt that many brands in theory can achieve this travel time accuracy, but after the assembly to simulate the environment to achieve this precision , Currently only one. Rolex announced the accuracy of -2 / +2 seconds per day, the same there are inside the edge of the hairspring, but different and Patek Philippe.

Cross – spring second time zone fast – tuning mechanism

Another technique is the dual time zone switching module, which is replaced by the original lever as a cross spring, which drastically reduces the number of parts. 5650 watch deliberately make this part of the top of the disk to make hollow, to show its sophistication, due to reduced leverage, so the actual significant reduction in the friction contact, the basic only two pawls and switch between the wheel contact, Therefore, in reducing the volume to reduce the failure rate at the same time, this device does not need to lubricate, nor loss.

Longines Record watch

Longines this year, there are many very concerned about the table, especially some commemorative watches, but I am most concerned about, in addition to VHP watch, is the new record founder series of replica watches uk, which is Longines new series, it There are several features, the first is a full range of watches will be all through the Observatory certification, followed by the use of L888.4 self-winding movement. So in the technical level, L888.4 movement is actually an upgraded version of L888.2 movement, where is the upgrade? Mainly equipped with monocrystalline silicon hairspring. L888.2 movement used in Longines in 2016 launched the railway table engraved engraved and 1969 scoring, this movement is very characteristic, although it is a large three-pin plus date display, but also has a thin Features, but really ETA 2892-A2 modified models for Longines use.

Issued in 1916 equipped with L888.2 movement of the 1969 re-engraved models

Issued in 2016 equipped with L888.2 movement of the railway complex scoring watches

Where is the change? The main modification is the wobble, from 28800 times / hour down to 25200 times / hour, the other dynamic storage from more than 40 hours to 65 hours. Because Swatch has not introduced ultra-thin models of long power movement, so this is a compromise in the original ultra-thin movement on the 2892 to find ways to improve power. This is the characteristics of L888.2 movement, and L888.4 movement on this basis, joined the monocrystalline silicon, to further improve the actual performance.

2017 Longines Record pioneer series watch

In recent years, silicon materials in the tabulation of the application is very common and rapid, previously only appeared in the senior table, and now has been popular to the very close people in the table, but it needs to distinguish, silicon has a variety of material forms, Rolex, Po Baidu, Patek Philippe, Omega and Longines, the United States degrees, the use of silicon fiber is different, the United States and the use of the same as the sky, but Longines has been different, and other brands of silicon and even patents. In addition, Longines Record founder series watch carrying the L888.4 movement also uses the Nivachoc shock absorber, the shock absorber is mainly used in the Omega table, but in fact Hamilton used, Longines two years ago Basic ultra-thin models also used, and even other brands used. But because there is not much about whether this shock has a better performance than KIF or Incabloc related authority data, so do not comment.

True power when the star speed 1/100 seconds chronograph


This section we certainly have to see, this year ago, with the group brand Tiger TAG Heuer vigorously promote 1/100 seconds, 1/1000 seconds, 1/2000 seconds mechanical timing concept table, today, the concept came High frequency chronograph pioneer brand real force. Traditionally, the mechanical timing can reach 1/10 second has been very high, because the timing system using the oscillator and the time of the oscillation system is the same, and travel time is generally used is nothing more than 2.5HZ, 3HZ, 3.5HZ, 4HZ , 5HZ these, and then the high wobble for mechanical parts wear, power and so are still a challenge, so 1/100 second mechanical timing must not use the time to do the oscillator. So whether it is true force Ye Hao, or Tiger TAG Heuer Ye Hao, are using an additional timing oscillator, vibration frequency can reach 50HZ or even higher, the difference is, Tiger TAG Heuer using linear oscillation system, and real power Is still a balance wheel oscillation, narrow swing, vibration frequency can be greatly improved, but must be very sensitive. Real force for this with an independent barrel, full chain to provide 50 minutes, the barrel to be manually on the chain.

In addition, this table of another technology to improve, is still related to the material, this real time chronograph gossamer using graphene-based composite materials, both temperature and magnetic are not sensitive, can withstand far more than 15,000 Gaussian magnetic field, I was impressed by the fact that this is the first time the use of this type of science and technology materials production gossamer. With such a high technological content, and the price of less than one hundred thousand, very attractive.

Chopard asked the watch


Chopard launched this year for the first time a three asked the table, but also Chopard this year in addition to a public L.U.C series of classic table outside the “secret” watch, why say secret? Is because although many people went to the Basel watch show, but only a very small number of people see the table, personally experience the table, it is too important, want to see too many people. This fake watches uk is very special for Chopard, because Chopard has a calendar, with Tourbillon, only the lack of table, this year. Of course, as a brand heavyweight watch, it has its own special.

Crystal sound spring and sapphire crystal mirror one molding

There are two points worth talking about, first of all is different from the traditional questioning table, its buttons are set on the crown, and three asked the power required by the manual winding of the independent barrel provided, so it actually There are two sets of power devices, respectively, through the crown winding, prompted by the power indicator device. Followed by the table mechanism, the majority of the table, the use of the spring is a metal material, because it is easier to process, and the effect is very good, and because different sound spring material knock out the sound is different, so there are blue steel , Titanium and even precious metal materials. Chopin is different, this table is the use of transparent crystal sound spring, which is very rare among the table, while the sound spring and mirror one molding, without any joint solder joints, conducive to sound quality, and the mirror has become Loudspeaker.

Breitling replica uk chronograph watch

Although this watch we can not see from the back of the table to see the complete chronograph timing structure, but from the official given the introduction, you can see it on the traditional chronograph timing structure made some improvements, including rubber seals Round and stamping parts. However, for chronograph technology has been relatively mature today, these small changes will help improve its performance, but fundamentally not enough to have a breakthrough on the chronograph time, but there is a detail I think it is more interesting that this is a Automatic chronograph chronograph. In most cases, we see the chronograph chronograph, is manual on the chain, because the chronograph timing structure is complex, and components are placed on the back of the movement, so do not do good self-winding, and the traditional automatic timing In fact, it is difficult to change the chronograph timing, because the automatic module card in the middle, timing module to be placed around, but also the chronograph timing of the two second hand lead to the dial center to go, so it is not easy.

Breitling B03 chronograph is the brand from the B01 automatic chronograph developed from the development, which is this movement of the powerful, can be derived from a large number of complex functions, even complex, such as chronograph timing can be achieved, I think this Is it really tough place. Another watch is that the price of the steel price of about 7.8 million yuan price, significantly lower chronograph entry threshold.

Hermes “waiting time” watch movement dismantling map

Bulgari ultra-thin Tourbillon hollow watch

Summary: In addition, there are a few big tables this year, Hai Rui Winston’s epic tourbillon (remember only in the game heard the epic level), there are two biaxial Tourbillon, the middle by a spherical difference Mobile device access time, very powerful. Hermes “waiting time” luxury replica watches uk the concept of extraordinary, but also this year is very innovative complex table. Bulgari’s ultra-thin Tourbillon watch, it is this year’s technology big coffee.