Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD# 2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin 26586PT

The world of tabulation, like all industries, is affected by trends. We are not content to see the ultra-thin watch rebuilt. Piaget launched the thinnest automatic watch in December, using by far the thinnest mechanical watch (2mm thick, no less than that) at SIHH 2018. It is time for Audemars Piguet replica watches to join and prove that, if necessary, they know something about tabulation. This is Royal Oak RD# 2, which is a whopping 6.30mm thick and is the thinnest automatic on-off calendar on the market.

Cheap copy Audemars Piguet watch has long had a penchant for ultra-thin watches. Forget the giant Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon/Grande competency/Diver chronograph watch. Instead, look at the wristwatch that created the Audemars modern side, the 1972 Royal Oak 5402ST. It’s still a very thin watch, and its automatic movement is thinner than most manual on-chain movements. Its modern version of 15202 takes the same idea, with a core thickness of just 3.05mm and a case size of 8.1mm (very impressive, knowing the exact structure of the situation).

How are most permanent calendar watches built? Basically, except for a few, most QPS are built in a modular way. This means that the watchmaker adds a module to the existing movement. Not the best solution for shaving millimeters. If you consider a core with automatic upper chain capability, that means a 3-tiered architecture – QP module/core/rotor. Not really the best weight loss.

Total case thickness: 6.30mm
Total core thickness (including calendar and automatic link capacity) : 2.89mm
So, if you consider the date and time of the Royal Oak extra-thin (8.10mm case and 3.05mm movement), which means that by adding a calendar function to the watch, Audemars Piguet managed to shave almost 2mm away from the case, making the complex movements thinner than the simple time and version. Pretty impressive.

In terms of design, it’s no surprise that the fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD# 2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin 26586PT has a blue dial with a “Grande Tapisserie” twist pattern and an all-in-one bracelet. The concept watch is mechanical but faithful to the origin of model design.