Su Shi and Buddhism Zen Master is a friend. Once, in the chess when the two agreed to look into the quiet among the other is what it looks like. Su Shi first look at the entrenched and sit in the Buddha India, said: “Master Yeah, I see you like a lump of feces.” Buddha India monk look entrenched and sit Su Dongpo, said: “Su Bachelor, I see you like a Buddha. “Su Dongpo very proud, since that time is better than Buddha India. After returning home, he told Su Xiaomei this matter, unexpectedly Su Xiaomei said, “brother your realm is too low, Buddha India heart Buddha, see all things are Buddha. Your heart has feces, so look at other people are also a lump Feces. “This old story tells us that a person’s mind determines a person’s words and deeds, your heart has Buddha, see all things are Buddha; heart feces, see everything is naturally feces.

Not long ago, the circle of friends in the heat, on the “interesting soul too little” article, how to say it, accommodating the vast land of China; talent, interesting “soul” how too little? That is not a good thing, but the author of this type of people groaning, too boring nothing more. If you really less, this year’s double show (SIHH and Baselworld), I found “interesting” new watch really not much. After all, the size of square inch, it is necessary to look good but also interesting, harder and harder ah.

Cartier this year launched in the SIHH cheetah decorative watch, clever use of diamonds, black lacquered and emerald, superb jewelry technology will be a new movement and cheetah image combination. Superb craftsmanship of the craft makes Cartier replica watches show lifelike three-dimensional cheetah image. The most interesting is the use of leopard head and leopard claws show minutes, the ball shows the hour. Normal travel time circumstances, showing a small cheetah chase the ball, play play the innocent face, very interesting.

Van Cleef & Arpels launched this year’s Lady Arpels ™ Papillon Automate replica watches uk, in addition to the use of precious stones and enamel to create a pastoral world poetic accident, the dial in the graceful butterfly can be based on changes in power reserve changes, inadvertently vibrating wings 2 to 5 times The And when the watch is idle, also set the butterfly flying 19 times per hour, the rhythm of Xu have caused, flapping wings up to 100 times. When the watch worn on the wrist, the butterfly dance rhythm will be accelerated, if the wrist frequent movement, butterfly wings can be fan in 30 minutes hundreds of times. And the ultimate elegance of the butterfly dance can also be staged with the sex, just touch the case side of the manual module button, the butterfly can continue to shoot 5 times.
Jacques De Luo in this year’s Baselworld launched love butterfly automatic doll cheap replica watches, in addition to carved art master with exquisite craftsmanship sketched out of the forest, angels, cars and butterflies, automatic doll master gave them life, only need Press the button on the crown, full of poetic scenes that vividly staged in the table. Elegant butterfly light Pina fly, traction driving the car angel passing. Fixed and active combination of the spark to create a wonderful wheel of the wonderful visual scene, moving, affordable and slow and phase.

Konstantin Chaykin, a creative independent watchmaker from Russia, pays tribute to Batman’s famous villain “Clown”, based on the ETA 2824-2 movement in Konstantin. Reborn. Clown’s two big eyes hour plate and minutes, hour and minute hands are using black dots instead, with time to change the rotating black eyes. The clown’s cracked mouth is actually the moon phase display, the moon itself is red, and the mouth of the tongue and the activities of the eyes can produce different facial expressions, very interesting.

Even close to watch, you can hardly think of this as the smart table appearance of the same watch actually has a mechanical core. From the Belgian watch independent brand Ressence break the general mechanical replica watches reading mode, using a small seconds, the middle of the disk pointer to read the minute reading method, in addition to increase the temperature display. And with the movement of the minute hand the entire dial layout will also move to change, in order to make it more smooth from the perception of the case filled with oil, but the oil will not run into the movement.

MB & F’s Day Moon Moon, styled with imaginary torpedo rocket appearance. Stamping numbers of two large diameter steel turntables are used to display hours and minutes. Follow the concept of real rocket design. The power of the rocket comes from the bottom, Destination Moon’s power is also from the base of the large button on the button. Rocket management and control system is located above the power source; Destination Moon follow the same configuration, in the time display below the control accuracy of the vertical governor, and set the time setting button at the top of the movement. The governor with a rotating balance wheel is very eye-catching, so the outer periphery is almost imperceptible to protect the glass of the glass, thereby isolating cosmic radiation (or curious fingers).