Audemars Piguet replica oak series rose cream gold watch

In our impression, the rose gold born with warm, luxury replica watches style, after polished polished after it is so, exudes a more delicate, soft luster, so that all the viewers are not in love with this romantic material. Rose gold to create the watch, tells the quality of their own time. In 2017 Geneva watch salon, the Swiss senior watch brand Audemars Piguet replica with the ultimate craft, affectionate, launched the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series rose cream watch, with unique “hammer gold” craft to create it not only combines the material itself Of the characteristics, but also added a “frost gold” with a new visual beauty, highlight the eye-catching wrist time. (Watch model: 15454OR.GG.1259OR.01)

Audemars Piguet oak series “frost gold” watch

Have to admit, whether it is rose gold or platinum, in the ancient “hammer gold” process (also known as the Florence process) so that the material itself glow new style. Using the top with a diamond tool to hit the gold surface, giving the watch surface like a diamond-like bright visual effects, compared to the original smooth material, after this crafted craftsmanship to create a complex process, watch Its unique texture, so that the watch surface in the light even more bright. Octagonal bezel, and the outer side of the strap to wire and polishing process, making the luxury replica watches at the same time with a fine gold and “rough” dual beauty, and retain the soft and flexible, so that the whole style of a unique watch If the United States if jewelry.

High-definition watch design
Whether from the octagonal case, or a special cheap replica watches chain design, are contained in Audemars Piguet’s unique tabulation gene, to show the brand exclusive beauty. To the ancient hammer gold craft to create it, although not inlaid with a diamond, but the bright posture is no less.

Bezel side of the polished polished, the side of the case for the drawing polished

Three different technology display
37 mm rose cream gold case, after the “hammer gold”, polished polished, drawing after grinding showing three different viewing experience, in different ways to show the beauty of rose gold face. And to the meticulous process to its three in one, to show the overall watch watch, such as the diamond version sparkling, very beautiful.

Crown display
Octagonal crown engraved with brand LOGO “AP” words, and round concave design of the top of the crown against each other, showing a full and intuitive Audemars Piguet “style”.

Charming silver dial
In the rose cream octagonal case against the background, the central silver dial more attractive. To “Grande Tapisserie” large grid decoration, coupled with a unique Audemars Piguet replica watches gold standard design, making the dial more three-dimensional. Date display window is located in the watch 3 when the standard position, and the central, minutes, second hand together constitute the watch display.

Caliber 3120 self-winding self-produced movement
Through the transparent blue crystal glass back cover, movement of the operation at a glance. Equipped with Caliber 3120 self-winding self-produced movement, power reserve for 60 hours.

More bright is the rose cream gold strap
18K rose gold watch through the “frost” treatment, showing a unique sense of elegance. Watch to connect with a “AP” words folding clasp, in the beautiful and generous colleagues to protect the watch in the wrist between the security, very reliable.

Audemars Piguet oak series rose cream gold watch
Summary: without any tablecloth against the background, shining and luxury Audemars Piguet replica Royal Oak Series Rose Cream watch alone to the table on a pendulum presents elegant, noble unique charm. Watch once launched by the watch enthusiasts a high degree of evaluation, which shows the charm of this watch and influence.

Audemars Pigeut Replica Royal Oak Offshore chronograph

From the birth of Audemars Pigeut replica has been 140 years of history, as the only senior watch brand has always been the founding family in charge of the achievement of a Audemars Pigeut watch industry legend immortal family during the 1.5 century years. There are a number of well-known watch series, in which the Royal Oak Offshore type is a very concerned about. In summer, the brand launched the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph summer 2017 limited edition, give the wearer a beautiful summer time. Recently, we learned that this watch shop was on sale, so we visited the Audemars Pigeut SKP boutique in Beijing. In a comfortable and European style atmosphere, we saw this watch. Now let’s take a look at it:

Have a new watch engraved “Lady Tapisserie” Ladies checkered decorative silver dial collocation silver dial deputy, rose gold standard and three-dimensional fluorescence material of the Royal Oak pointer pavilions, looks more exquisite and elegant that surface. A fluorescent part is also arranged on the pointer, so that the time can be observed in a dark environment, which is intuitionistic and convenient. Three small and soft with conspicuous function of plate rose gold circlet apart, and the dial blending, clear and eye-catching.

37 mm stainless steel diamond bezel

Clean and clean crown
Retained brand octagonal watchcase design, whether it is surface coil or screw, after careful handling of the brand, texture is exquisite, delicate and full of power. Table 32 bright ring on the diamond shaped cutting together, very beautiful. Octagonal rotary table crown engraved Audemars Pigeut brand LOGO.

The bottom sealing process makes the luxury replica watches more safe and reliable. The back cover is engraved with the words “RoyalOak Offshore” and “English Limited Edition”, which show the uniqueness of the replica watches. Equipped with Audemars Pigeut Calibre 2385 movement, with 18 karat gold pendulum, power storage for 40 hours.
White rubber strap with fine steel AP word folding buckle. In addition, there is a blue rubber watchband, free collocation.

With a precious metal luxury replica watches it

Although every watch brand is now trying to use the new watch material, but the precious metal watch is always hard currency, whether it is gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum material have been interpreted warm and moving. Today, the watch home for you to recommend three precious metal watch, let us see their charm.

Audemars Piguet replica oak series watch
Model: 15400OR.OO.1220OR.03
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: rose gold
Strap Material: Rose Gold
Case Diameter: 41mm
Domestic price: 378,000 RMB
Watch Comments: was born in 1972, the Royal Oak Series is undoubtedly a remarkable significance of the history of choice in the process of brand watchmaking left a profound one. Classic octagonal disc design, rose gold to create 41 mm case, bezel, crown, strap and clasp, and the overall shape of the luxury replica watches 40 years ago was considered to be extremely exaggerated design, but now it becomes Sought after the object. 8 white gold screws fixed octagonal bezel, strap is still integrated with the case, showing a series of pure and tough style, the width of the natural decline in the section is still smooth and perfect. Cal.3120 self-winding movement, automatic plate made by the 22K gold, through the transparent mirror can see the automatic disk above the AP words and beautiful patterns.

Rolex Day Calendar 40 watch
Model: 228238
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Gold
Strap Material: Gold
Case Diameter: 40mm
Watch Comments: As a model of the distinguished replica watches, Sunday calendar type with the first type of strap, once the advent of the influential people by the favor. The new week calendar watch, using Rolex’s new generation of Cal.3255-type movement, which only has 14 patents of the new movement, in the precision, power reserve, shock and magnetic performance reliability are very good, this Movement also represents the Rolex’s most exquisite movement of today’s technology, even hidden in the bottom of the Oyster case, but still use the gold sleeve and other technology. The new white dial is painted white dial, dial through repeated paint heating and other recycling processes, showing a flawless white, coupled with high purity gold time scale, pure clean, so that this Day-Date 40 more luxurious solemn The

Patek Philippe Nautilus series watch
Model: 5711 / 1R-001
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: rose gold
Strap Material: Rose Gold
Domestic price: 381,900 RMB
Case Diameter: 40mm
Watch Comments: Patek Philippe Nautilus inspired by the ship can see the porthole. From the beginning of the birth of the attention of the elegant classic sports watch. This watch can be described as a Patek Philippe casual elegant classic watch a new design. Through some subtle and meticulous changes, the series watch not only a more fashion taste, but also continued its original essence. Full rose gold material, brown dial, coated fluorescent coated gold three-dimensional time scale, 3 o’clock position of the calendar display window, simple and clear. Equipped with Patek Philippe 324C automatic winding mechanical movement, the thickness of 3.3 mm, 213 movement components, power reserve up to 45 hours.
Summary: It can be said that the world of high-end cheap replica watches is drunk, which represents money and wealth, representing the personal taste, representing the art and aesthetics. Three precious metals to create the watch, there is always a suitable for your appetite.