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Hollow Replica Watches

Hollow the watch may look very cool, seems to be to meet the new trend of the times a different approach. No, it has actually appeared in the world of human watchmaking long ago. It is said that in 1760, several well-known brands are not yet come out of the era, the French watchmaker André-Charles Caron created the first pocket cheap replica watches with a hollow structure; he believes, so that people can see the timing How does it work?
Royal Oak double balance wheel hollow watch stainless steel case, diameter 41 mm hour, minute, second, double balance wheel, luminous pointer and time scale, 3132 self-winding movement, power reserve 45 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and the end Cover, waterproof 50 meters, stainless steel chain.

Audemars Piguet
Although the Royal Oak will screw directly above the bezel, and often convey a very strong style of exercise, but each watch in this series in detail the handling of no less than any of the elegant brand of elegance. If you want to hollow the face plate, it is bound to be able to very clearly show the brand for the modification of the high standards of movement. For example, Royal Oak double balance wheel hollow watch.
3132 self-winding movement, diameter 26.59 mm, 245 parts, 38 stone, double balance wheel, vibration frequency 21,600 revolutions per hour, power reserve 45 hours.

A lot of watches with hollow design will appear on the face plate balance wheel, so that wearer directly watch the most dynamic picture; AP this piece is also. However, if you flip the watch, you will find that the movement has a complete balance before and after the balance spring, balance spring and fixed balance bridge, the so-called “double balance wheel” structure. When the power from the spring is transmitted to the escapement, the two coaxial balance wheels operate in the same direction at the same time, while the balance springs are zoomed in the opposite direction to compensate for the difference in orientation, so that they are like the tourbillons. Eliminate the impact caused by gravity, improve travel time about 30% accuracy. Balance, the 3132 automatic movement of the hollow parts is also impressive. Every chamfer and its mirror finish seen by the viewer must be completed and assembled by manpower one by one, which is not easy. And this is also the most appreciated from the appearance of the place.
Clé de Cartier hollow watch 950/1000 Palladium case, crown set with 1 sapphire crystal, diameter 41 mm, hours, minutes, 9621 MC-type self-winding movement, power reserve 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and the end Cover, waterproof 30 meters, crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold diamond clasp.

Pebble-shaped case, although less than round and popular, was a very popular design from the 1960s to the 1970s. The lugs were extended out of the case to draw an arc under uninterrupted lines, creating a case resembling abalone, It is also called “abalone shell.” Cartier’s Clé de Cartier series is the most obvious feature is the pebble-shaped case, with mirror-like polishing, more moving. The French “clé” on behalf of “key”, but also in ancient times as the clock on the chain and adjust the “key” until the crown is replaced by modern people are well known. As a result, Cartier inspired by the clé for the crown design, and as the brand has always been a mosaic of rectangular sapphires.
9621 MC self-winding movement, diameter 31.63 mm, thickness 5.66 mm, 165 parts, 28 stone, hollow automatic disk, vibration frequency 28,800 revolutions per hour, power reserve 48 hours.
In fact, in the usual Clé de Cartier replica watches, face plate on the other as if the keyhole-like style, echo the crown represented by the key. However, this piece is not the same as the chronograph works of hollow design, because there is no dial, it is directly revealed when revealing the movement. But it is also a time-mark, and it is a roman numeral hour-marker full of classical flavors. On the movement bridge, it is both very structurally meaningful and has the function of meeting the needs of reading. It is a very clever way.

Driving watch is 9621 MC-type automatic movement; Although the automatic winding, hollow surface but did not see the automatic disk traces until it turned to the table back and it was also adopted hollow design, no wonder can be hidden perfectly! The movement seems simple, but unusual because of the unique design of the wheel set, Cartier in the show as a senior brand possesses the creative ability.
Première Camellia openwork watch 18K white gold and diamond case with 28.5 x 37 mm hour-and-minute caliber 2 hand-wound movement, 48 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal with mirror and back cover, satin strap, Another table bridge diamonds and 18K white gold with diamond drill belt section.

Although Chanel in fashion, boutique world has an indelible position, but in the past has always been the luxury replica watches industry attaches great importance to the self-made movement; until 2011, in its G & F Châtelain watch factory set up after the Haute Horlogerie Division, was officially launched The movement’s plan, and in 2016 the first self-made movement Caliber 1. The Première camellia hollow out this year is equipped with a second Caliber 2 self-made movement, and uses the most representative elements of Chanel ─ ─ camellia.
Chanel second self-made movement Caliber 2 using layers of the bridge and wheel train, to create a Chanel favorite lady camellia.
Camellia Chanel child’s life-long love Boy Capel gave her the first cluster of flowers, extraordinary significance. Many of Chanel’s work is inspired by camellia, which explains why Caliber 2 is presented with hollow camellias. Using a ring bridge design, Chanel will clockwork, gears and balance wheel and escapement hidden in the circular petals; table bridge or in chamfer, ADLC (non-crystal diamond-like carbon coating) and rhodium-plated black Texture, or time-consuming 19 hours inlaid 246 brilliant cut diamonds. This movement not only hollow, but also the use of layers of stacked way, so that Camellia from the plane into a three-dimensional, highlighting the beauty of the mechanical structure.
Like the Caliber 1, the Caliber 2’s bridge features a lion’s totem, exclusive to the brand’s own movement; a symbol of authority and power and the constellation to which Chanel belongs. Equipped with the classic Première lineup, Chanel’s charisma is revealed as the brand embarks on the 30th anniversary of the tabulation.

Patek Philippe
In the 1970s, faced with a slim, compact and precise quartz movement, Patek Philippe began to develop a new generation of self-winding movement, Caliber 240.240 was introduced in 1977 although it is a basic movement, but it It is very important in the history of Patek Philippe; when it was introduced, it became a world-class ultra-thin movement with a thickness of 2.4 mm, and because it laid a solid foundation for the future of Patek Philippe’s many world time zones, perpetual calendar and even astronomical functions. . In the 1970s, however, it stood out with its premium brand of mechanical attachment and much higher elegance than the quartz movement.
240 SQU hand-wound movement, diameter 27.5 mm, thickness 2.53 mm, 159 parts, 27 stone, vibration frequency 21,600 revolutions per hour, power reserve for at least 48 hours, hand carved hollow bridge, 22K gold miniature automatic plate, Patek Philippe imprint .

This year, the 40th anniversary of the birth of the 240 movement, Patek Philippe special to Calatrava 5180 / 1R-001 hollow watch commemorating this great day. Based on the Ref.5180 / 1G introduced in 2008, this timepiece features a 18K white gold case and a chain with 18K 5N rose gold, all in a saturated, moist color. The use of fully hollow design, the movement of parts to clean, and skilled craftsmen through more than 130 hours in the top do vortex, vines and other fine carving; very difficult, but it is the most clear, the perfect performance of 240 machines Core approach; the same mining 18K 5N rose gold material 12 caliber can be used as a time scale. The outside of the barrel with the Calatrava cross is engraved with the words “Patek Philippe Genève” and the PP mark on the mini autopilot is also flipped to the front and back.
Calatrava 5180 / 1R-001 openwork watch 18K 5N rose gold case, diameter 39 mm, hour and minute, 240 SQU hand-wound movement, Patek Philippe imprint, power reserve 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, waterproof 30 meters, 18K 5N rose gold chain.

Equipped with the patented Spiromax® balance spring, made of Silinvar® silicon material, it withstands magnetic fields, temperature changes and impact resistance. The tip arc expands and contracts toward the same center, solving the problem of uneven packing recovery. ; Light weight is to reduce the impact of centrifugal force and gravity, thereby enhancing the accuracy. The C-shaped weight of the Gyromax® balance is another major invention by Patek Philippe since 1949, making it easy for service personnel to adjust. Built to innovate in every era of design, the Calatrava 5180 / 1R-001 hollow watch is a chronograph of both history and craftsmanship.

Métiers d’Art engraved mechanical watch 18K white gold case, 40 mm diameter, hours, minutes, 4400 SQ manual winding movement, power storage 65 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and the bottom cover, waterproof 30 m, crocodile skin Strap.

Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin in the 1920s began to create Lou engraved movement, not the earliest, but it is a major brand continues today. The difference from the structure of the movement, which is removed directly from the face plate, lies in the hollowing out of a large part of the material and the carving of motifs on the remaining parts. This is, of course, a very labor-intensive practice, but the process demonstrated is rather delicate, beautiful and speechless.

Openwork is a process of eliminating excess. Vacheron Constantin through craftsmanship exquisite craft, the hollow movement to be perfect.
Lou pattern depends on the brand wants to convey the concept of this Métiers d’Art Lou mechanical watch, for example, is the late 19th century train station hall vault ornaments, station essential large The clock and its Roman numerals are fully reproduced. 18K white gold case equipped with 4400 SQ manual winding movement is actually Vacheron Constantin acclaimed 4400 movement carved, the result of modification. However, from the final work, it can be seen that this is not a simple task; every part and every groove is not an advanced machine. It can be quickly and massively manufactured, and includes a 12 o’clock direction to decorate the barrel Of the Maltese cross, and the triangular pattern of bevelled above. Chamfer often used in movement modification also appears in the details of the office, mining mirror polishing its lines and matte polished staggered parts, contrast. In addition, the bottom of the hollow time scale uses a large fire enamel technology, reflecting the deep texture of the luster.
Thanks to the 2.8mm thick movement, the watch is presented in a slim 7.5mm size. It is precisely because of limited space, more admirable for such a delicate, flawless creation.

Inventory of four types of replica watches strap advantages and disadvantages

Strap, as an important part of the watch, is the watch fixed wrist part collectively. Strap as a direct contact with the human body part is to determine whether the standard comfort of the cheap replica watches, the comfort is largely determined by the material of the strap. Strap material a lot, if there are dozens of subdivision in terms of breakdown. Today we do not repeat them, and to simply talk about the four types of strap, what kind of advantages and disadvantages are.

(From left to right) metal strap, leather strap, rubber strap and nylon strap
Metal strap

Metal strap is divided into precious metal materials and other metal materials, common for the straps of precious metal materials are mostly platinum, k gold. While the other metal material strap, and steel material, titanium mostly. Want to say the advantages of metal straps, and some people may say that metal strap easy to filth, wearing heavy, where there are advantages. Then we first said that the metal strap where the shortcomings.
A fear of sweating, two fear of shock, three fear of color. Strap as part of the direct contact with the skin, due to the use of time, the use of habits and the environment, more or less will produce dirt, metal strap in contact with sweat is not timely treatment of the case, easy to accumulate and then lead to wear and corrosion, This situation is easy to dirty clothes and even make the wearer skin allergies. In addition to the need to promptly clean sweat, precious metals such as k gold material, because the material itself is softer, for the impact of accidental touch less bear, easy in daily life on the surface of the strap scratches. Then, with the wear time, and wear and contact with the body sweat, easy to make metal discoloration.

Said so many shortcomings, let me refute some of the metal strap. Metal straps have so many shortcomings, why there are so many consumers like metal straps willing to buy it. durable! Yes, because it is durable, metal straps, although afraid of oxidation is also easy because of the use of improper care and scratches. But relative to the cortex, rubber and nylon strap, it will be longer life, and after a simple treatment, you can restore the glory as new.

Metal straps of the Rolex Daytona
Cortical strap

The biggest advantage of the leather strap is skin care. That is, from the comfort of wearing, the leather strap is more comfortable, especially in the cold autumn and winter season to wear more feel warm and comfortable. Compared to other materials strap, leather strap is more difficult to hurt the skin and clothing. In addition to the material itself, leather strap to bring people the feeling is elegant, restrained, in daily life, more suitable for business occasions to wear, giving a more formal feeling.

Lange pocket Lange series 720.032 watch
But the cortex has one of the biggest drawbacks, that is easy to wear, aging fracture. Summer high temperature wear easy to sweat. Because the cortex is generally airtight reasons, as well as the reasons for the production of leather straps, wearing a day in the hot summer days, wrist wearing a watch that circle may bite out a circle of sweat. There is also a reason can not be ignored, nausea after the cortex strap will produce a smell, which requires the usual wear of leather straps need to regularly wipe with a damp wet cloth carefully. So as to avoid odor.
Rubber strap

Rubber straps are generally used in sports replica watches, because the rubber material has a merit can not be ignored, the flexibility of the rubber is particularly good, popular said is “carry made.” In addition, the dynamic fashion rubber strap is also why many people choose it. More and more senior watch preference rubber material strap, which is also no lack of Audemars Piguet, Richard Mill these high-end brands. Practical and easy to maintain and have a sense of fashion rubber strap gradually become the watch industry upstart factors.
Audemars Piguet Replica 25940OK.OO.D002CA.01

Rubber belt so well, it has any shortcomings? Rubber straps can not ignore the disadvantages, such as winter easy to make hard, different rubber quality difference, easy to be cheap. Relative to the metal strap and leather strap, the rubber material is still not recognized for the elderly group, in the texture, the metal strap and leather strap can bring the quality of the highlights, but also the rubber strap can not match.
Nylon strap

Speaking of nylon watch many people immediately appeared in a mind on a brand, DW. DW with simple large dial design with variable nylon strap quickly occupied the young market. But in addition to DW, the other watch brands also like nylon strap. Especially in the summer, many brands will launch NATO strap series. NATO strap is actually the British military in the last century 70’s design of military strap. Its advantage is simple and practical, cheap and easy to produce. And this material is a good sense of wearing, breathable and comfortable. The design also has a lot of tricks, all kinds of patterns, the choice of space is also great.
Tissot NBA series watch

Nylon strap is the lack of, is not suitable for formal occasions to wear; material easily spinning, fluff. In addition, many people also think that nylon strap with the same rubber belt, that the nylon strap as a metal strap and leather strap high-end, it is relatively cheap. In fact, the production of nylon strap is because of the lower cost and simple and practical, compared to its advantages, I personally think that nylon material is not high-end can not become its shortcomings or deficiencies.
Summary: strap as a consumable, no matter what it is material, it is difficult in the daily use of the time to ensure that it will not be damaged. Today, replica watches the home for everyone to count the four types of strap advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to their own needs strap material. In daily life, I suggest that you pick some of the strap to be replaced. For a small strap, the watch does not look like the same.