Royal Oak Genta (Gerald Genta) Master of highly respected designers and collectors allegedly porthole diving helmet and warships are its source of inspiration, but in fact the story of its origin is still unclear.

Rolex Oysterquartz and Ref.5100


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and original Rolex Oysterquartz is a personal favorite of the two cheap replica watches. The former does not have the second hand, slim and elegant; the latter bracelet sturdy, accurate travel time. In many people’s opinion, two watches are like a female compatriots, I wonder whether there is some connection between them? The answer is yes! And closer than expected!
In contrast, Oysterquartz (170xx and 190xx) is one of the least known of the Rolex replica watches models, so a lot of people do not know earlier Rolex quartz watch (ie Ref.5100) exists, it can also be understood.

cheap Rolex replica Ref.5100, also known as “The Texan”


To discuss this issue, we need to go back 40 years ago, the era of the rise of quartz watches. The world’s first quartz clock small enough to have a room so big; the 1950s, downsizing to a American-style two-door refrigerator; until 1963, Seiko produced the first portable quartz –QC-951, the industry earthquake . QC-951 is about the size of the marine chronometer fairly, powered by a battery on the market.

A year later the same time, QC-951 involved in the Swiss Observatory competitions, ranked tenth, the Swiss replica watches industry finally realized – the wolf is coming! Many independent watch brands quartz done for research, including Patek Philippe, the most prominent brand believes cooperation is the best choice, so the electronic watch center (Centre Electronique Horloger) was established up in Neuchatel. Involved in the project and brand companies have to send out the best talent, but what about the new electronic watch how it works everyone should no agreement: purely electronic version of traditional mechanical watches (such as Hamilton and Lip); the use of resonance source (such as Bulova Accutron tuning fork); It should be or will quartz watch?

Original Audemars Piguet replica Royal Oak


People disagree, they have argued, behind the researchers decided to use quartz production of a “working prototype”, just to prove that indeed can be. This is the Beta 1, 1967 Nian Yue. 7 exhibited. Beta 1 is the world’s first quartz watch, but did not amend the design and then mass production, because all electronics are still fighting over the center of the watch. Two years later (1969), the first product to come out movement Beta 21, Beta 1 but it is almost no common ground. Beta 21 is a large movement (30.9 mm x 26.5 mm) to the tabulation which partners have proposed problems, because the latter is not enough to accommodate this movement of the case

In this regard, understanding the 1950s and 1960s, how the operation of the Swiss watchmaking company is very important. They produce only movement; the case, dial, hands and chain belt by many professional manufacturers. So watch company turned the case Suppliers, technical parameters inform the new movement, to seek the corresponding case design. Remember that time the Swiss fake watches pricing equation: the more accurate, the more expensive. Beta 21 is mounted on the watch movement may be the most accurate model of the brand, then the case should be made of gold, and the corresponding price will be very expensive. Furthermore, the application of advanced new technology watch, electronic watch center hope the appearance can be unique consistency. Case suppliers will want to keep in mind the requirements and to produce some unusual case products.

Equipped with Beta 21 watch movement is the largest production Rolex Ref.5100, collectors will be referred to “The Texan”. Ref.5100 case was barrel-shaped, with a round arch bezel and dial, this modern design with no resemblance Rolex. Rolex, the most unusual is that very distinctive barrel-shaped case corners. Rolex has always been the pursuit of organic curves, so that different parts merge into each other, by contrast, Ref.5100 surface appears to be too flat. Meanwhile, Ref.5100 is equipped with the previous three-bracelet and any existing Rolex bracelet is different, is permanently connected to the case. Of course, the bracelet can be removed at a watch repair, but it can not replace the chain belt assembly.

Within two years, the production of 1,000 pieces Ref.5100 Rolex replica watches, more unusual is that each chop brand watch engraved 001-1000 unique number. However, this is not the end of the legendary Rolex quartz. “The Texan” discontinued after five years, Oysterquartz born! Oysterquartz equipped with a newly developed self-made Rolex movement with Oyster case, a combination of various metals and materials are provided. But the flat surface, sharp edges and corners and not removable bracelet, all manifestations of Oysterquartz capture design inspiration from “The Texan” on.
According to Gerald Genta close friend revealed that the master DateJust perfect, and for failing to participate in their design regretted that. Genta Rolex Masters designed only for a table, it is the brand’s first quartz watch. Here, everything suddenly. Oysterquartz designed by Rolex, which is no doubt, but it is designed largely by “The Texan” impact, we now know who the self-esteem of master hand.
“The Texan” launched in March 1970, which means it was designed at the end of 1969, after only two years, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak come out. So, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak design is inspired by “The Texan” affected you? We can not be absolutely sure, but it turns out, Both from the 20th century’s most innovative designer watches mind, taking into account the time node so close, if not to say a little practice, it was strange.