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Expert Advice: 3 Ways to Safely Store Your Watches

If you have more then one watch, you essentially have a watch collection. So what do you do with your other watch (or watches) when you are leaving home or will be out of town for a couple of days (or weeks)? Allow me to offer a few options for safe storage of any watches

7 New Calendar Watches from SIHH 2016

It’s February 29, and in honor of this extra day on the 2016 calendar, we’ve gathered seven calendar watches that were introduced at this year’s SIHH watch fair in Geneva. Scroll down to see the watches, and don’t forget to reset your own watch (if necessary) at midnight tonight!

Budget Travelers: 5 World-Time Watches Under $5,000

Here are 5 world-time watches all with mechanical movements, that you can get for $5,000 or less, including Montblanc’s TimeWalker World Time Hemispheres watch and Tissot’s Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary watch.

Five Baume & Mercier Watches Under $5,000

Founded in 1830, Baume & Mercier has a proud history, producing award-winning complicated timepieces in the 19th century and both pure classics and avant garde designs during the 20th. Today the company is known for producing beautiful, Swiss-made watches at accessible prices. Here are five we can recommend, each available for less than $5,000.